About Supply various used machineries including metal cutting machine, press, forming machine through global network.
S&T Dynamics leads Korean machine-tool industry.

With the accumulated technology and quality control system for decades, S&T Dynamics is opening a new prospect in the field of used machinery business. Since established in 1959, S&T Dynamics has led Korean machine-tool industry and has devoted to the development of a variety of industrial products including precision machine-tools, defense related products, high quality powertrain and casting products.

“STEM” operated by S&T Dynamics is the used machinery multiplex to provide comprehensive services. To ensure our competitiveness on the quality and the price, our integrated quality control system is applied to all sectors such as evaluation, performance test, overhaul, retrofit and maintenance records.
Integrated Quality Control System
  • Overhaul,
  • Maintenance
  • Performance
  • Evaluation

The used machinery multiplex “STEM”, having the largest show room in Asia, a prime location, alliance with global trading companies, offers customized equipment fairly and quickly. STEM, as “Total service multiplex”, will do our upmost to satisfy the customers.